Anony McNoName (sexmob) wrote,
Anony McNoName

drug poem

I wrote this in san diego on my bed while I was high. I really like it, even though it makes absolutely no sense.

i am flying through my brain
my mmind left my body
and i can watch it move about
and sustain damage
and be trapped
trapped on this world

my mind left my bodyy
i’m driving me insane
when i loathe the you of yesterday’s time
the you of yesterdays yearnings
trying to think the time
trying to be me as you as we as see as you think me over
falling on the moon, i see you well
i see us moving but my mind is stationary
stationary cautionary precautionary mortuary very very smooth
smooth my mind
until it can’t tell whats realy happening anymore forevermore and never
more of mor of thor of score swam to the shore and evolved into a human
life my friends
live my friends
trust my friends
i trust your friends
see my friends
the trees are my friends
the bed is a friend
my music is a good friend
shoving me into the light where i am illuminated
but my eyes, theya re clouded
and my brain has been founded
and i will be counted
among the zombies in the sea

the zombies in the seaaaa
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